Build-up (international group)

As Deputy CEO, Isabelle led LISI Aerospace to grow its revenues from €150m in 1999 to €450m in 2008, while imposing a significant broadening in international presence.


Give a global reach to a French industry leader, on a complex B2B market (critical components, multitude of references, wide product ranges, demanding key accounts, constant shifts in supply-chain, etc.)


50% of growth achieved by acquisitions. Stimulation and structuration of R&D. Setup of production capabilities in cost-effective countries. With a robust integration plan at each step.


A structured and energic growth plan, undertaken alongside a dedicated team (targeting of M&A opportunities, disposal of non-core operations, post-merger integration management encompassing multi-cultural cooperation, structuring and performance measure of newly integrated businesses, dynamic of continuous improvement). LISI Aerospace is now a global market leader with sales exceeding $1bn.