Financial structuring – international group recovering from a safeguard process (France/ Canada)

A prominent aerospace outfitter (€200m revenue) participating in critical industrial programs finds itself in distress and undergoes safeguard procedures. Shareholders appoint two firms to carry out an in-depth turnaround to restore financial health and pave the way for recovery.


Restore healthy financial management and procedures which were neglected in a disorganized growth period and translated into a bankruptcy petition.


In close cooperation with the Group’s Finance team, a list of « reconstruction » projects was defined, covering all aspects of financial operations management, performance measure and cash management. Alba & Co provided a close and regular monitoring of progress, and coordinated the overall recovery plan.


A structured project management method, involving all key managers, with punctual guidance on specific matters, designed to return to a normal course of business within 9 months. The Group has since undertaken several external growth operations and has confirmed its successful recovery.