Project financing of a large infrastructure project

A French Group initiated the construction of a railway, critical for the development of 7 states in West Africa. Conceived to be initially financed on the Group’s equity, the project quickly required external financial partners.


Alba & Co was entrusted to review and standardize the business plans for the 7 local entities whose projects were not historically coordinated. Key challenges were to propose a methodology for modelling long-term operational and financial performance for the entire project and to build an aggregated financial model including tax assumptions and different financing options. The IPO context imposed airtight execution, with the aim of fueling discussions with financial partners.


The Alba & Co team, composed of engineers and financial advisors, worked closely with the Group’s management to stabilize and build each step of these projects, separating “construction” and “operational” components.


On this complex and multi-national project, Alba & Co was able to deliver a clear and effective method to provide reliable data and consistent consolidated projections which met the expectations of auditors, consolidation teams and Management. This allowed the first round of negotiations with financial partners to take place according to the initial schedule.