Positioning of the external growth strategy and target analysis (international group)

The Chairman of a division recently spun-off from a large industrial player asked Alba & Co to prepare the contents for a work seminar on strategy.


To kickstart the newborn strategic processes and to bring seasoned and demanding managers with diverse backgrounds and expectations to a common understanding of M&A processes, from deal origination to post-merger integration.


After a series of interviews with key board members, Alba & Co delivered the outline of seminar which could allow, beyond must-have indicators (recent M&A activity, competing external growth strategies and benchmarks), to explore the operational implications of an M&A process in the aerospace industry and to highlight the key risks underlying an integration process in this specific industrial and organizational context. The workshop closed on an ad hoc workshop focused on the selection of potential targets.


A made-to-measure content, delivered by seasoned Partners and industry experts. The seminar triggered interest for a more detailed analysis on some potential targets, and led to several meetings to structure the different “bricks” of the strategic process. The first acquisition was significant and successful. The group still relies on Alba & Co for these matters.